April 2019

Knutsford Barn, Llama Group

The cliché of ‘the balance between practicality and design’ is exemplified entirely by the latest project from the UK-based Design and Architecture Practice, the Llama Group.


Knutsford Barn, nestled in the rolling countryside of Cheshire, in its previous form was a fractured and impractical space for a young family with two small children, despite recent renovation.


It is in the sheer vision and talent of the Llama team then, that the project was transformed not only into a practical and inviting family home, but an interior deemed ‘most coveted’ by the UK’s Daily Mail. Striking the perfect balance between aspirational and attainable; images of the project are amongst the most widely shared on social media site Pinterest, somewhat fitting given the famed home belongs to a similarly enigmatic celebrity owner.

The project won similar acclaim from critics and peers alike, at the annual International Property Awards, taking home the Best Residential Renovation 2014.


A complete remodelling and redesign of the existing barns interior was complemented by a large vaulted extension, punctuated by the stunning cantilever Sky Frame in the exquisite new lounge area. The living room emphasises the sleek side of modern rustic style, a moniker of the designer, Janey Bulter Interiors, giving the look a clean, fresh spin. All the key elements are still here, including logs, animal hides and a natural stone floor, but in a neat and pared-back form to suit this contemporary home.

In the entrance hall, the dated central staircase was replaced by a handmade oak and glass staircase of their own contemporary design. This addition maximised the area's capacity and allowed more natural light. Indian limestone tiles were used for the whole of the ground floor and with calming natural colour palette throughout, this award-winning home is now a stylish, light and open plan space. 



Architecture: Llama Group

Interior Design: Janey Butler Interiors